I’ve always had a genuine passion for design and technology.

Throughout my career I’ve enjoyed working as a Web Developer utilising my experience and interest in Engineering, Web Design & Brand Implementation.

In reversed chronological order, read below an overview from each one of my enriching work experiences.


iTech Media — 02/2021 - present



Senior Frontend Engineer
Tech Lead

iTech Media is a company with a single purpose: help people make smart choices online. By informing and entertaining a global audience with over 150+ products, iTech provides unparalleled insight and guidance in the highly competitive world of iGaming.

While at iTech, I had the chance to further develop my engineering skills. I joined as part of the engineering innovation team in charge of conceiving a platform to help ship products faster. We crafted a very performant platform used to power a number of products using cutting edge technology, such as:

All beautifully written in TypeScript.

As part of my tasks I would be closely involved in:

Working with Product and Design teams to create a Design System.
Planning and developing a comprehensive Component Library based on the Design System.
Defining, refining and estimating tasks.
Developing, maintaining and continuously releasing our products.
Coming up with ideas to reach our product goals.
Proposing an overarching content model for our CMS implementation with success.
Reviewing my peers code; onboarding new team members.
Participating in weekly discussions with the engineering team to further enhance our ways of working, processes and systems.

Contractually, I'm not allowed to talk about the products I worked on, only the ones that are open-source:

During my time at iTech, I was presented with the opportunity, and received support, to create and maintain my first open-source project: ClassGroup.

A utility to help keep your CSS classes in JS consistently and semantically grouped while allowing for a separation of concerns.
Find more about it here.

While ClassGroup is a fairly simple utility, it has proven invaluable to solve the complex issue of theming. I'm very proud of how we managed to use it on scale, it allowed us to simplify the development of our products and provided a substantially better development experience.


Pulse Innovations Ltd. — 11/2017 - 12/2020



Frontend Developer
Lead Developer
Frontend Architect

Pulselive is a technology company that delivers digital solutions for the world‘s largest sports federations, leagues and clubs.

Working at Pulselive was a fantastic experience! I had the chance to work in very exciting projects with amazing clients.

When I first joined I mainly worked on the Premier League official website covering ongoing maintenance and some feature projects. Soon after I took the frontend development lead for space of 3 months.

Former projects:

I then moved to lead the World Rugby frontend development team and what would become my long term Pulselive client. From spring 2018 my team and I managed and/or produced 10 different websites, spread into 15 different codebases.

World Rugby Sites:

While working for World Rugby I had the opportunity to deliver very interesting and complex digital products, such as:

a SSO (Single Sign On) solution for the whole sites cluster;
architecting the official Match Predictor game using a mix of AWS services and frontend technologies, game used for both the HSBC Sevens Series and the Rugby World Cup 2019 tournaments;
and the Media Zone content distribution website for the exclusive use of the press, to name a few.

Former projects:

During the first quarter of 2020 I had the chance to lead the ongoing maintenance of the Everton FC official website.

Former clients:


Design Culture — 01/2017 – 06/2017



Frontend Developer

Design Culture‘s clients are primarily within the charity and healthcare sector. I’ve mainly helped in restructuring their legacy projects, cleaning-up and reorganising their repositories while giving maintenance to their clients sites and developing new projects.

Former projects:


Exposure Digital — 03/2016 – 09/2016



Web Developer

Exposure is an independent communications agency founded in 1993.
Exposure Digital is a digital centric creative agency.

During my time in Exposure I mainly provided maintenance and service for projects such as Triumph´s Find The One, the Merlin Group’s Sealife, Thorpe Park & Alton Towers, as well as building sites such as Thomson Airways TUI and Radio Kangol.

Former projects:


Prompt Dev & 81Agency — from 2015


Prompt Dev roles:

Full Stack Developer

Prompt Dev is the sole trading name I’ve been using for my European customers in the UK, France and Spain.

Former clients:

81Agency roles:

Lead Developer

81Agency is a brand communication agency for the premium and prestige marketplace and its my first UK successful partnership.

Former clients:


Nrmal & Savvy Studio — 2008/2014


Nrmal: The Early Years (2008-2010) roles:

Web Maintenance
Blog Co-editor
Podcast Producer
Production Assistant (Events/Concerts)

Nrmal started as an event promotion agency and a music blog. By that time, I was in charge of maintaining the site, co-editing the blog and assisting in events production. Nrmal.net first version was built using Symfony.

Podcast Nrmal (2009-2011) roles:

Podcast Producer & Co-director

96 Episodes full of fun and great music. Collaborations range from Matias Aguayo (Kompakt/Cómeme), Tim Sweeney (DFA, Beats in Space), Rebolledo (Kompakt, Cómeme), Sammy Bananas (Fools Gold), Yelle (Source Etc), local legends such as Toy Selectah (Mad Decent) and many more.

Producing Podcast Nrmal was a great and enjoyable experience, every month we would have different themes and amazing collaborations.

Before there was Savvy Studio, there was Nrmal Studio (2008-2010) roles:

Web Developer/Webmaster

A party of young proactive creatives and designers was soon established. Clients came pouring and the team began shaping into a branding studio.

I formally started working as a Web Developer & Webmaster.

The Savvy Studio Years (2010-2014) roles:

Head of Web Development

As Head of Web Development more than 50 sites were built ranging from small to medium sized companies in a wide variety of disciplines, reaching out to international clients. Since then I’ve been working hard improving my development techniques.

Former clients:

Festival Nrmal (2010-2014) roles:

(2010-2013) Website Development (2010-2014) Production Assistant & Stage Manager

During the festival years I built the sites for the 2010-2013 editions and worked closely in the festival’s promotion campaigns as well as assisting in the festival production up until the 2014 edition.

Norte Sonoro (2011-2012) roles:

(2011 & 2012) Website Development (2011) Production Assistant & Stage Manager

Norte Sonoro was a series of residencies that sought —through experimentation— to explore the sounds of northern Mexico, and one of Nrmal’s most ambitious projects.

For both editions an EP was released. Norte Sonoro EP 1 held in Monterrey, curated and produced by Toy Selectah (Mad Decent), and Norte Sonoro EP 2 held in Tijuana, curated by DJ/Rupture and produced by Los Macuanos.